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Episode 25: Evolution 101 with Dr. Zach

In celebration of Darwin Day, we embark on a short series about the theory of biological evolution. Gabe is joined by Dr. Zach to talk about the theory of evolution and natural selection. Dr. Zach is a microbiologist and secular activist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and as you can tell from the episode, an entirely pleasant fellow.

Content covered:

  • Charles Darwin and Russel Wallace
  • Anthropomorphism in science
  • Natural selection, sexual selection (you know, breasts and penises), and random disasters
  • Adaptation and exaptation
  • Common misconceptions about biological evolution, and addressing them
  • Genetics and information in biology

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It’s worth noting as well by the way, that Dr. Zach also hosts the Apologia podcast, which was very influential on the content of style of NonTheology. They strive to be ecumenical while still hitting at some of the tough issues between theism and atheism, and they do a pretty solid job, so definitely go check them out. Incidentally, Apologia is also the name of a biblical creationist publishing company, producing textbooks and coloring books to “help homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith”. Nice.

Other good evolution resources:

Plus, some other notables mentioned:

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Episode 15: Reflections and Listener Feedback

A ghastly hodgepodge of random content. But then again, that’s more or less what we do all the time. Here’s what’s what:

  • Reflect on the episode with Zachary Bos, since Erik didn’t listen to it until now
  • Gabe says the word “articulate” nearly 12 million times
  • Listener questions from John H. (2) and Anton B.
  • Why I’m an Atheist narratives from John H. (1) and Paul H.
  • Alexander gives us the closest thing to hate mail we are yet to receive
  • Wait, What?

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Some fun:

What organizations or entities might the secular community look to for design ideas, if any? How many other listeners are named John H? Have decent questions of your own? Clog up the series of tubes by getting your thoughts and questions into the comment section!


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Episode 12: Discussion with Zachary Bos – How do we grow a secular community?

Gabe had the opportunity to sit down with Zachary Bos, state director for Massachusetts of American Atheists, and talk about his role in the growth of the secular community. The Boston Atheists broke the 1000 member mark in 2012, and looks to continue growing in number and visibility. T’was a delightful conversation and Zachary has done a fantastic job helping the secular community in the greater Boston area grow as it has. Shout out to Boston Atheists!

Cool stuff to check up on:

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Should we look to the successes of the religious community as we grow the secular community? What other organizations might we use as a model? Who is the better cohost, Zachary or Erik? Are you an atheist/secularist in the greater Boston area? Get those thoughts into the comment section!


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