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Episode 43: Dr. Eric Meikle – Anti-evolutionism and Human Uniqueness

Continuing in their quest to talk about evolution, Erik and Gabe chat with Dr. Eric Meikle about the Nye-Ham debate, anti-evolutionism in the education system, and what makes humans unique in the animal kingdom. T’was a total blast, so listen up!

Dr. Eric Meikle is a physical anthropologist and the Education Project Director for the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). He has done a lot of awesome work in the origins of humans, and countering groups who want to bring anti-evolution material into science classrooms in the public schools.

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The show:

  • The recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham
  • Countering anti-evolutionism in the public education system
  • What (if anything) makes humans unique compared to other animals?



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Episode 14: Are Debates Useful?

We talk about whether we think (formal) debates are useful. Gabe says no, because they do a poor job of informing the audience and skilled debaters rely on psychological tricks rather than advancing good arguments and evidence. Erik says yes, because they are entertaining and stir up the public’s interest in the area.

Regrettably, Erik did not prepare for the debate, and lost.

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Dig a bit deeper:

Do you think formal debates do more harm than good? Are they more educational or entertaining? What is your favorite formal debate? Each side will get five minutes of opening remarks in the comment section below!


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Episode 9: What is Apologetics? A Conversation with Eric Chabot

We had a delightful discussion with christian apologist Eric Chabot about apologetics and its role in the world.

Eric is the director of the Ohio State University (OSU) arm of Ratio Christi, a student apologetics group which hosts events and speakers on the subject of Christian apologetics and theology. Check out Eric’s frequently updated blog about Ratio Christi at OSU:¬†Ratio Christi at OSU.

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Sorry, by the way, about all the background noise in the middle of the episode… Gabe was building a birdhouse during the conversation.

Additional notes:

Do you have a favorite apologist? Is Sam Harris an apologist for atheism? What are your experiences with preachers on a university campus? Post your thoughts in the comment section below!


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