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Episode 51: The 5 Best Popes

Episode 51: The 5 Best Popes

Ever wanted to know which 5 popes were best? We’ve got you covered.

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Teh Showz:

  • Intro
  • Erik on royal families and etiquette coaches (0:50)
  • Drunk with Blood: Sampson (6:00)
  • The papacy (14:25)
  • Pope Formosus: the only pope whose body was twice exhumed, twice found guilty in a papal court, and twice dismembered.
  • Pope Sergius III: the only pope who, while pope,¬†fathered¬†a child out of wedlock who grew up to be pope.
  • Pope Benedict IX: the only pope to hold the papal seat three times in his life, and the only one to sell the papacy.
  • Pope Boniface VIII: the pope who fought a financial turf war with France over whose powers were temporal and whose were spiritual.
  • Pope Leo X: the pope who reigned during the height of the Catholic church selling indulgences, and had a bunch of his bishops killed.
  • The papal schism: the era when there were multiple, simultaneous, disagreeing popes.


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