Who are these scintillating lunacrats, recording the spoken word at large? These prehistoric post-modernists, broadcasting questions from the deep? These passionately inelegant space cowboys, bludgeoning podcasts into existence?

Believe us: you don’t want to know. Clear your recent browser history, shut down your computer, and bury it deep in your neighbor’s backyard. Then blame that neighbor’s other neighbor.

Gabe: media director; lead chef. Gabe is a war mongering Benjamin Franklin lookalike. Superstitious and proud of it; he always wears his lucky power glove when recording.

Erik: communications director; eye candy. Erik is half brazen sea pirate, half bi-curious speed reader. He will turn your wife into a pillar of salt if she looks back. “Eyes on the prize” is what Erik always says.

Dan: voice of reason; cartesian demon. Dan was a guest for several episodes, but decided he could ruin the show more effectively from the inside, and was promoted to full host-hood!


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