A listing of past guests who have generously sacrificed their time to join us on the show. An all around really swell bunch of people, if you ask me.

Find the coolest guest below, or peruse a listing of all our guest episodes.

  • Abby Hafer: Professor of anatomy at Curry College, and author of Unintelligent Design. Episode 48.
  • Andrew Hall: Blogger, comedian, and bathtub enthusiast in the Boston area. Episode 39.
  • Chuck Morrison: Creator and host of the Irreligiosophy podcast. Episode 18.
  • Dan: Osteologist, amateur philosopher, de-convert from Judaism, and friend of the show. Episode 30 and Episode 38. Promoted to host-status in Episode 44.
  • Daniel Dewey: artificial intelligence researcher at The Future of Humanity Institute. Episode 44.
  • Ellery Schempp: Nuclear physicist, secular activist, and American hero. He was the litigant in a landmark supreme court case deciding that compulsory prayer in schools is unconstitutional. Episode 38.
  • Eric Chabot: Christian apologist and director of Ratio Christi at The Ohio State University. Episode 9 and Episode 28.
  • Gary Marcus: Neuroscientist, professor of psychology, and author of Kluge: The Haphazard Evolution of the Human MindEpisode 26.
  • John W. Loftus: Former evangelical preacher turned atheist author and activist. Episode 31.
  • John McCargar: student, secular activist, and founder of the Humanists of Boston University. Episode 37.
  • Josh: Pantheist, amateur philosopher, subsistence farmer, and Gabe’s good friend. Episode 21.
  • Matt McCormick: Professor of philosophy at Sacramento State University. Episode 35.
  • Matthew Ferguson: student of ancient history and philosophy, avid blogger, and counter-apologist. Episode 40 and Episode 41.
  • Patrick: Everyone needs a gay atheist vegan in their lives, and that’s Patrick. He is president of Boston University Humanists. Episode 29.
  • Raphael Lataster: PhD candidate and critic of biblical historical methodology. Episode 36.
  • Richard Carrier: Historian, author, blogger, scholar of metaphysical naturalism and ancient history. Episode 22.
  • Shelley Segal: Atheist singer/songwriter out of Australia. Episode 16 and Episode 29.
  • Zachary Bos: State Director for Massachusetts of American Atheists. Episode 12, with further discussion in Episode 15.
  • Zachary Moore: Microbiologist and secular activist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Episode 25.

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