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Episode 53: Things Religious People Say

Ever wondered what are some things religious people say? Great!


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Episode 45: Appeal to Tradition

Welcome back to the show! Prepare to be disappointed. Again.

Listen up!

Erik on LGBT visibility in popular sports (3:00)
  • Michael Sam: the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL
  • Hot muscly football celebration kiss
Appeal to Tradition/Antiquity (14:30)
Listener feedback (47:55)

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Episode 39: Bonus Lost Audio

Some of the funny extras from the episode with Raphael Lataster, and a salvageable section from our attempt at a Christmas episode that was lost.

And you’re right: in a perfect universe, this would not count as an actual episode. Sorry. Life’s not fair.

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Cool announcement: we have recorded some really great content with Matthew Ferguson, who blogs over on Κέλσος (Kelsus) and Civitas Humana. He’s got a ton of awesome content over there, so check it out and look forward to episodes with him.

Andrew, our guest to help us wage war against Christmas, can be found on his site Laughing in Purgatory, Twitter, and YouTube.

Additional links:

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Episode 34: Circular Reasoning and Self-Perpetuating Systems

Gabe wrestles the podcast rudder out of filthy Erik’s hands, and we talk about some examples of circular reasoning, wherein one or more of an argument’s premises assume the truth of the conclusion. We also cover some related circular phenomena.

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Show notes and kick-ass links below!

Hello once again to all our Brazilian and Bothan listeners!


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Episode 33: Things Erik Found On The Internet

Erik takes the helm, and brews an episode of pure, whimsical rantitude. Turned out to be a pretty fun episode.

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The rundown:


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Episode 32: Probably Statistics

Understanding statistics and numerical data is important and useful if having accurate beliefs is one of your goals. So listen up!

This is not a podcast about the mathematical side of statistics, so there is no discussion of p-values, Weibull distributions, or lift charts. Rather, we look at some of the ways people can be mislead by statistics and numerical data.

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Cliff notes:

If you liked this topic, there are lots of great resources to learn more. Check out the following books:


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Episode 29: Talking About Talking About Atheism

Gabe is joined by two stellar guest voices for a round table discussion about how we talk about our atheism. We topped off our conversation with Shelley’s song Apocalyptic Love Song (For Hitchens), which was magnificent.

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Patrick is a student at Boston University and is the president of the Humanists of Boston University. As a homosexual atheist vegan, he has way too much experience dealing with people who inexplicably find him offensive.

Shelley, meanwhile, is an Australian singer/songwriter who was gracious enough to spend some time on the show during her busy US tour. She has spent the past several years spreading the wisdom of atheism and secularism with her music.

Check this cool duo out!

This is a topic where I would love to hear some of what our listeners think. Do you shield your non-belief, or is it out on the open for your peers to review? Let us know in the comments below!


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