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Ask an Atheist Panel at Boston University

So, I don’t know how many of our readers are in the greater Boston area, but if you’re around and interested, you might want to check out the Ask an Atheist panel at Boston University on Friday, December 6th at 7:00 PM. It will be in room 211 in the College of Arts and Sciences (see on Google Maps). You can find more details at the Facebook event page. It is being presented by the Boston University Humanists, and should be a lot of fun!

I won’t be on the panel, but I will probably be in attendance. The panel will be composed of one person who has been on the show previously, one person (and possibly a second) I have wanted to invite on the show but have not yet done so, and undoubtedly interesting people I have never heard of before.

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Some very interesting thoughts…

Zachary Bos, State Director for Massachusetts of American Atheists and co-chair for the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts (as well as previous guest on the podcast) was interviewed recently and had some really interesting things to say. He sat down for an interview with Renos Gavris, a Cypriot filmmaker studying media arts in the graduate program at Emerson as a Fulbright Scholar. It’s under 3 minutes long, but really interesting and insightful. 

Check it out.

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Out of our slumber, we climb…

Erik and I have been super busy at our respective jobs, and what little free time we have does not overlap, so the show has sustained near-fatal injuries. However, thanks to cutting edge medical technology, it is recovering and will soon be back on its feet with an altogether renewed vigor and concupiscence.

In the meantime, Shelly Segal will be returning to the show! If you have any questions or comments for this musical atheist and international sex bomb, post it on the comments below. If they are really interesting, I will delete them from the blog, ask them myself without attribution, and give the appearance that I am in some sense interesting. Keep your eyes and RSS feeds peeled for what is sure to be a fun conversation.

Now get back to pictures of cats, or whatever else you can do on the internet.

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Welcome Mat

Welcome to! We are so happy you came.

If you are reading this, that means your nursing home doesn’t have its secure internet filter installed properly. Please ring for the nursing assistant and ask for help.

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