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Episode 50: (!) Mailbag 2

Crack open a box of wine, and get ready to celebrate the arrival of episode number 50! Don’t let your friends know that you’re getting ruinously drunk, alone, listening to this podcast… again…

Listen up!

  • NonTheology trivia contest (2:45)
  • Listener feedback (8:45)
  • We’re getting serious about this podcast (37:00)
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Episode 45: Appeal to Tradition

Welcome back to the show! Prepare to be disappointed. Again.

Listen up!

Erik on LGBT visibility in popular sports (3:00)
  • Michael Sam: the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL
  • Hot muscly football celebration kiss
Appeal to Tradition/Antiquity (14:30)
Listener feedback (47:55)

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Episode 42: Bad Objections to Evolution

We once again attempt to digitally celebrate Darwin Day with a few episodes about evolution. Here, we take on some bad and common objections to evolution.

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What does the show say? This:

  • Hello, listeners!
  • Wait, What…? Alan Keyes on the coming (sp?) gay dystopia
  • Evolution can’t happen, because something can’t come from nothing
  • Evolution takes too much time to have been observed, so we can’t know it’s true
  • Ring species (see a cool look at some of these here)
  • Micro evolution is true, but macro evolution is not
  • You never see a Crocoduck
  • Why don’t you see dogs giving birth to cats?
  • If humans came from apes, why are there still so many apes?
  • Darwin was wrong about some aspect of evolution
  • Hitler believed in evolution and used the principles to drive Nazi ideology
  • The human eye is too perfect to have evolved (find your blind spot!)
  • The bacterial flagellum is irreducibly complex and couldn’t have evolved
  • We don’t observe any transitional forms in the fossil record
  • Mutations are always negative, so they can’t be making us better and better
  • Mutations don’t create new information
  • Life is balanced on a razors edge (ex: because of the proportion of oxygen in our atmosphere), it is only rationally attributable to an intelligent creator – Cliffe Knechtle in a debate with Matt Dillahunty at 1:12:30

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Episode 27: Mailbag 1

Following some brief announcements, we take some time to interact with our listeners, rather than generating any new content of our own. Laziest. Episode. Ever.

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Some fun announcements:

  • The catholic world celebrates a new pope, and generates pope memes
  • NonTheology has a gorgeous new theme song, and is now available on Stitcher Radio.
  • Our evolution series prematurely went extinct.
  • Unless you write in with what is clearly a psuedonym or say we can mention your name on the show, all future listeners will be referred to as Kevin.

Listener comments/questions for us to consider:

  • Is Erik the B- time traveler?
  • Did we commit the argument from authority when talking about the Euthyphro dilemma?
  • Can the first horn of the Euthyphro be consistent?
  • Sam Harris’ book The Moral Landscape and the semantics of ethics (Gabe may very well be wrong about that, since he hasn’t read the book: corrections welcome).
  • Is it a waste of time to talk about mythologies and religions you don’t think are true?
  • Gabe vs. athletes
  • What to do if you’re an atheist in a catholic school (Hint: find or initiate a local chapter of the Secular Student Alliance)
  • Erik shares: stories from when he was a eucharistic minister in the catholic church, and things he learned from children.
  • Why I’m an atheist story!
  • Do high schoolers go to youth group for youth group or for girls?

Thanks for writing in with your comments, questions, and thanks especially for making fun of Erik.


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