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Episode 45: Appeal to Tradition

Welcome back to the show! Prepare to be disappointed. Again.

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Erik on LGBT visibility in popular sports (3:00)
  • Michael Sam: the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL
  • Hot muscly football celebration kiss
Appeal to Tradition/Antiquity (14:30)
Listener feedback (47:55)

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Episode 34: Circular Reasoning and Self-Perpetuating Systems

Gabe wrestles the podcast rudder out of filthy Erik’s hands, and we talk about some examples of circular reasoning, wherein one or more of an argument’s premises assume the truth of the conclusion. We also cover some related circular phenomena.

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Show notes and kick-ass links below!

Hello once again to all our Brazilian and Bothan listeners!


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Episode 20: Non Sequitur (Part I)

We take a magical journey through the informal side of the incredibly broad fallacy/phenomenon known as a non sequitur. We look at some examples of when non sequiturs and their “casual cousins” make their ways into our lives.

The conversation quickly dissolves into common ways people attempt to reach conclusions through faulty means, instead of focusing exclusively on what logicians mean when they say “non sequitur”, which is fine because we plan to do a part II and delve into the formal side of non sequiturs.

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For those of you who are appalled and disgusted of our treatment of this topic (which, by the way, should be all of you), here are people considerably smarter than us doing a much better job on this topic:

Also check out:


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Episode 10: Argument from Authority

We discuss a great many things, including:

  • How cool we are for having recorded 10 episodes
  • Listener feedback
  • Does God believe things on faith?
  • The argument from authority
  • Similarities between the peer review process and evolution

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Does God believe things on faith? What are some funny ways you have seen people attempt to establish authority? Do we have a piss-poor understanding of the fallacy we discussed? Plop your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Episode 5: Post Hoc and Erik Rant

We have a super-fun discussion about the logical fallacy known as post hoc ergo propter hoc: Latin for “after this, therefore because of this”. This occurs when one assumes that one event caused another simply because it came first.

Erik also discusses several of his recent experiences interacting with Christians who struggle to understand that not everyone is interested in their religion, as well as some bible verses. Consider the following sections from the bible:

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Do you have to deal with religious people assuming that you are a member of their religion, or for whatever reason are interested in the pamphlet they are trying to give you? How do you react when this happens? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Episode 4: Pascal’s Wager

We start introducing logical fallacies by discussing the no true Scotsman fallacy.

This episode wastes most of your time with a discussion about Pascal’s Wager: a dubious bet for 350 years. Feast your eyes on the colorful diagram below!

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Pascal’s Wager diagram. Which box do you fit in?

  1. God does not exist, and you believe in Him: you are mistaken and experience finite gain or loss, depending on how your belief affects your life.
  2. God does not exist, and you do not believe in Him: congratulations for not believing in nonexistent things! Join Gabe and Erik in the orange box, where you will experience finite gain (since we’re not too bad).
  3. God exists, and you believe in Him: you’re right! Plan on heading up to heaven and getting passed the bouncer at the gates (whose name is Peter, by the way). Infinite gain!
  4. God exists, and you do not believe in Him: Oops. You didn’t believe the right things and God is pissed. Infinite loss for you.

Liked the episode? Hated it? Didn’t listen? Write your thoughts in the comment section!

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