Episode 52: Confounding Factors

20 Apr

You will get smarter listening to this podcast. Listen, and I’ll prove it. (Results may vary).

The episode

  • Wait, what? Kent Hovind, creationist and evangelical preacher, is set to be released from prison in the summer of 2015!
  • Don’t forget about a related character: Ted Haggard, who, as it turns out, is completely heterosexual
  • Confounding Factors! (11:10)
  • Ice cream sales and drowning deaths
  • Cold weather and flu infection rates
  • Brain anatomy and schizophrenia
  • The Hawthorne Effect: the difference between how people act when being watched vs not being watched
  • Self reporting data
  • High schoolers self reporting drug consumption.
  • Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun of people at music festivals and fashion week, and also brings on doctors talking about vaccines
  • Self reported alcohol consumption during prohibition
  • Self reported data related to socially stigmatized sexual practices

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