Episode 37-B: John McCargar – Humanist Student Groups and Chaplains + Commentary

28 Nov

Gabe is joined by John McCargar to talk about Humanist student groups and chaplains, drawing from his experience founding the Humanists of Boston University (HBU).

Note: this is episode 37-B, which is the interview with commentary from Gabe and Erik interwoven into the audio. You can listen to episode 37-A, which is just the interview itself.

Listen to this episode

The interview structure:

  • John’s faith journey from Catholicism, to Mormonism, to militant atheism, to Humanism
  • Building intentional communities focused on ethics and Secular Humanism
  • Secular Humanism among religious groups
  • Growth and decline of secular/humanist student groups, and the relationship of chaplains
  • Previous guests on the show, Zachary Bos and Patrick, and their involvement with the HBU
  • The cultural background of Humanism
  • The role of a chaplain at a university
  • Paths to becoming a chaplain, Humanist credentials, and The Humanist Institute
  • Current chaplains at Boston University
  • Why universities should consider having a Humanist chaplain
  • Secular Humanists using the word chaplain

Books referenced in the episode:

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