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Episode 32: Probably Statistics

Understanding statistics and numerical data is important and useful if having accurate beliefs is one of your goals. So listen up!

This is not a podcast about the mathematical side of statistics, so there is no discussion of p-values, Weibull distributions, or lift charts. Rather, we look at some of the ways people can be mislead by statistics and numerical data.

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Cliff notes:

If you liked this topic, there are lots of great resources to learn more. Check out the following books:


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Episode 31: The Outsider Test For Faith with John Loftus

John Loftus joins us to talk about a subject he has written about many times, which he calls the Outsider Test For Faith: evaluating belief systems from the perspective of an outsider. That is, without first accepting the truth of any of the core assumptions.

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The discussion covers:

  • John Loftus’ background and his experiences leaving Christianity
  • The basic premises and motivations of Outsider Test For Faith (OTF)
  • How people already employ the OTF regularly
  • The problem of religious pluralism
  • The geographic distribution of religious beliefs
  • Other well educated people who left the faith, including Bart Ehrman, Robert Price, and Dr. Hector Avalos
  • Jesus always getting the last word in the bible
  • Responses and criticisms to the OTF, including that from David Marshall
  • Smart people and the OTF
  • John Loftus’ new book, Christianity Is Not Great

John Loftus blogs at DebunkingChristianity and SkepticInk (though is no longer actively posting to the latter), has authored and contributed to many books, and has taken part in many debates.

Books referenced in the show:

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