Episode 27: Mailbag 1

16 Mar

Following some brief announcements, we take some time to interact with our listeners, rather than generating any new content of our own. Laziest. Episode. Ever.

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Some fun announcements:

  • The catholic world celebrates a new pope, and generates pope memes
  • NonTheology has a gorgeous new theme song, and is now available on Stitcher Radio.
  • Our evolution series prematurely went extinct.
  • Unless you write in with what is clearly a psuedonym or say we can mention your name on the show, all future listeners will be referred to as Kevin.

Listener comments/questions for us to consider:

  • Is Erik the B- time traveler?
  • Did we commit the argument from authority when talking about the Euthyphro dilemma?
  • Can the first horn of the Euthyphro be consistent?
  • Sam Harris’ book The Moral Landscape and the semantics of ethics (Gabe may very well be wrong about that, since he hasn’t read the book: corrections welcome).
  • Is it a waste of time to talk about mythologies and religions you don’t think are true?
  • Gabe vs. athletes
  • What to do if you’re an atheist in a catholic school (Hint: find or initiate a local chapter of the Secular Student Alliance)
  • Erik shares: stories from when he was a eucharistic minister in the catholic church, and things he learned from children.
  • Why I’m an atheist story!
  • Do high schoolers go to youth group for youth group or for girls?

Thanks for writing in with your comments, questions, and thanks especially for making fun of Erik.


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2 responses to “Episode 27: Mailbag 1

  1. xxicenturyboy

    March 17, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    If Erik does a good show on Catholicism, and does another podcast on Martin Luther’s 95 theses (and don’t just copy and paste from Wikipedia!) he can bump his grade up to a “B”. I especially like the insinuation the the 95 theses were the first viral email, never heard that before. I have to agree with ‘Kevin’, the Catholic Church has woven a rich tapestry of batshit craziness that few podcasts try to unweave. Granted, the LDS Church is definitely crazy, but you can’t compete with 2000 years of bullshit. The LDS are just religious punks compared to Catholicism. My only beef with talking about Mormons is that Irreligiosophy beat it to death. Being a fan of both shows, I think you should be reluctant to follow that lead unless you can truly add something new to the conversation, but its your show, do what you fucking want.

    • Gabe

      March 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm

      Yeah, I don’t intend to repeat any of what Irreligiosophy did, but they left a lot of hilarious stones unturned. Thanks again for the awesome topic ideas, I will definitely leave those all to Erik to research and talk about.


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