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Episode 22: Dr. Richard Carrier and the Resurrection

As a special Christmas/Solstice bonus, Dr. Richard Carrier joins us to talk about the resurrection of Jesus. We learned an awful lot and had a really good time making this episode, so we hope you enjoy it as well. Go check out Dr. Carrier’s awesome personal site and blog to follow up!

As our conversations so often do, we spoke on twelve-too-many topics, including the usefulness of public debates, the historicity of the patriarchs, being a nonbeliever in the field of early Christian history, Monty Python, the resurrection story and its historicity, the story of Lazarus, the reliability of the various texts in the bible, and hallucinations. Stick around as usual for the unofficial, tinsel-laced pre-show.

Please excuse the periodic loss in signal fidelity of Dr. Carrier, the internet demons were out in force. Dr. Carrier was incredibly patient through the technical difficulties. I would recommend him for sainthood, if I actually thought that would be meaningful.

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To get a better grasp of Dr. Carrier’s position he recommends the following of his works:

  • “My best arguments against a case for a miracle in this scenario”: The Christian Delusion and The End of Christianity, both by John Loftus.
  • Dr. Carrier’s evidence suggesting that early Christians believed that Jesus switched bodies can be found in chapter 5 of The Empty Tomb, by Robert Price and Jeffery Lowder, along with plenty of other avenues of biblical criticism.

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Episode 21: Ethics and Moral Decisions

I introduce my guest co-host, Josh, whom I found out upon recording is a Pantheist. Who knew? Not me, and probably not you either. But that’s fine, because we had an excellent conversation.

A popular argument for the existence of God is the moral argument, which relies on the premise that objective morals exist. We set out to explore this premise, but as soon as the expedition began our maps got soaked and then I broke the sextant while trying to play a trick on Josh.

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Have questions for Josh you want him to answer in the next episode? Post them in the comments below and your very own questions will be considered for answering!


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Episode 20: Non Sequitur (Part I)

We take a magical journey through the informal side of the incredibly broad fallacy/phenomenon known as a non sequitur. We look at some examples of when non sequiturs and their “casual cousins” make their ways into our lives.

The conversation quickly dissolves into common ways people attempt to reach conclusions through faulty means, instead of focusing exclusively on what logicians mean when they say “non sequitur”, which is fine because we plan to do a part II and delve into the formal side of non sequiturs.

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For those of you who are appalled and disgusted of our treatment of this topic (which, by the way, should be all of you), here are people considerably smarter than us doing a much better job on this topic:

Also check out:


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