Episode 15: Reflections and Listener Feedback

06 Oct

A ghastly hodgepodge of random content. But then again, that’s more or less what we do all the time. Here’s what’s what:

  • Reflect on the episode with Zachary Bos, since Erik didn’t listen to it until now
  • Gabe says the word “articulate” nearly 12 million times
  • Listener questions from John H. (2) and Anton B.
  • Why I’m an Atheist narratives from John H. (1) and Paul H.
  • Alexander gives us the closest thing to hate mail we are yet to receive
  • Wait, What?

Listen to this episode

Some fun:

What organizations or entities might the secular community look to for design ideas, if any? How many other listeners are named John H? Have decent questions of your own? Clog up the series of tubes by getting your thoughts and questions into the comment section!


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One response to “Episode 15: Reflections and Listener Feedback

  1. Zachary Bos

    October 11, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Yes, I listen to your (paltry, pissant… your words, certainly not mine!) podcast. It’s been a pleasure to go through the back episodes, and I look forward to future offerings!


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