Episode 13: Confirmation Bias

23 Sep

We start talking about cognitive biases by introducing confirmation bias. As usual, we blab on about a bunch of only loosely-related things, including pareidolia, american food, abortion, quack medicine, horoscopes, your own self-image, germ theory in the bible, Lee Strobel, apologetics, and the like.

Cognitive biases are both neat and unfortunate. Unlike logical fallacies, they are one of the things that you probably can’t do an especially good job of eliminating just by learning more and changing how you think; they aren’t something you eliminate, they are something you become more aware of.

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Some spooookey show notes:

Have you ever seen a horoscope with a negative description of you or your future? What are some cases where you have fallen victim to confirmation bias? What are some ways you have tried to avoid the influence of confirmation bias? Get that data out of your head and into the comment section below!

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