Episode 7: Joseph Smith Founds a Church (Part 2)

15 Aug

A continuation of the history of Mormonism during the lifetime of Joseph Smith, covering the first vision in New York, the translation in Pennsylvania, and Joseph’s move to Ohio.

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Some additional notes from the episodes:

  1. All About Mormons, South Park (season 7, episode 12). The episode we keep referencing, which gives an entertaining and fairly accurate account of Joseph Smith finding and translating the golden plates.
  2. Some of the early accounts of Martin Harris: An interesting read out of the online library of the University of Utah going over some of what we know about Martin Harris from contemporary accounts. He was well recognized for his successes in land deals and the introduction of new technology into farming and manufacturing, and repeatedly won awards for his keen eye for improvement. Martin was an affluent and upstanding member of society, but was also very swept up in the religious climate and prone to superstition.

Why did Joseph say God commanded that no one else see the golden plates? Is the Kirtland Temple a real temple? Did Gabe pronounce Hagia Sophia correctly? Post your thoughts in the comment selection below!

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