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Episode 9: What is Apologetics? A Conversation with Eric Chabot

We had a delightful discussion with christian apologist Eric Chabot about apologetics and its role in the world.

Eric is the director of the Ohio State University (OSU) arm of Ratio Christi, a student apologetics group which hosts events and speakers on the subject of Christian apologetics and theology. Check out Eric’s frequently updated blog about Ratio Christi at OSU: Ratio Christi at OSU.

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Sorry, by the way, about all the background noise in the middle of the episode… Gabe was building a birdhouse during the conversation.

Additional notes:

Do you have a favorite apologist? Is Sam Harris an apologist for atheism? What are your experiences with preachers on a university campus? Post your thoughts in the comment section below!


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Episode 8: Joseph Smith Founds a Church (Part 3)

The concluding part of our discussion about Joseph Smith founding the Mormon church. That’s right: the Mormons aren’t going to come up again for a little while.

Forced out of Ohio on charges of bank fraud, Smith takes his followers to Missouri, where escalating violence forces them to Nauvoo, Illinois. As mayor of Nauvoo and president of the church, Joseph tries to construct his theocratic Mormon paradise, which eventually brings him to his voilent end.

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Why doesn’t the Community of Christ affirm the divine origin of The Book of Abraham? What are some highlights from Joseph’s life that we missed out on? Do you have Mormon ancestry going back to Nauvoo? Post your thoughts in the comment section below!


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Episode 7: Joseph Smith Founds a Church (Part 2)

A continuation of the history of Mormonism during the lifetime of Joseph Smith, covering the first vision in New York, the translation in Pennsylvania, and Joseph’s move to Ohio.

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Some additional notes from the episodes:

  1. All About Mormons, South Park (season 7, episode 12). The episode we keep referencing, which gives an entertaining and fairly accurate account of Joseph Smith finding and translating the golden plates.
  2. Some of the early accounts of Martin Harris: An interesting read out of the online library of the University of Utah going over some of what we know about Martin Harris from contemporary accounts. He was well recognized for his successes in land deals and the introduction of new technology into farming and manufacturing, and repeatedly won awards for his keen eye for improvement. Martin was an affluent and upstanding member of society, but was also very swept up in the religious climate and prone to superstition.

Why did Joseph say God commanded that no one else see the golden plates? Is the Kirtland Temple a real temple? Did Gabe pronounce Hagia Sophia correctly? Post your thoughts in the comment selection below!

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Episode 6: Joseph Smith Founds a Church (Part 1)

We start out jabbering about gay rights, and how some prominent businesses have taken sides in support of or opposition to gay marriage.

We spend most of the episode preparing to talk about the Mormon Church and how it got started. We give some basics about the modern church, and talk about Joseph Smith’s life prior to his involvement founding one of the largest and most enduring new religious movements in America.

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The discussion will continue in the next episode, as we follow Joseph across the country and explore how his movement grew and changed with time.

Some additional reading/notes from the episode:

Have something you wanted to add about Joseph Smith and early Mormonism? Can magical stones help you find treasure? Did you buy chicken and waffle fries to support Chick-fil-A? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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